Westminster Antique Mall 

Our Dealers
B-01~ Wendi Fulton~ David Winter cottages, Feistaware, Henry Watson terracotta, Boyd's Bears. wendifulton@gmail.com
B-02 ~ Nancy Solomon
B-03 ~
B-04 ~
B-06 ~
B-08 ~ L. Kevin Wagman Antiques
B-09 ~ Shirley Roth
B-10 ~ Nancy Ernest
B-11 ~
B-12 ~ See B17
B-13 ~  Bayside Books of Maryland ~ A wide selection of books, including local and regional history, local authors, signed books, vintage childrens books, science fiction, and hundred of inexpensive mystery paperbacks. New stock added most weekends. Tim Doyle, 410-596-2236 BaysideBooksMD@hotmail.com
B-14~  See B16
B-15 ~
B-16 ~ See 17
B-17 ~  Collectors Antiques ~ Unique Fine Quality Jewelry, Lamps, Furniture & More. Always Buying!
Mel & Trish Hartlove, 410-236-6640
B-18 ~ Sharon Karkehabadi, Vintage clothes, glassware, toys and dolls. 703-943-7521, sharonmariek@yahoo.com
B-19 ~ See SH19S
B-20 ~ Larry House Antiques & Collectibles
B-24 ~ JKBB Antiques & Collectibles ~ Stoneware, primitives, advertising, decoys, costume jewelry, always buying from basements to attics, sheds - garages. Joe & Barb Huggins, josephhu40@hotmail.com, eBay Seller #JKBB99
B-27 ~ Vintage Chic
B-23 ~ Retro Collectables ~ Mid Century Modern. George Wenck, 443-789-6673, retrocollectables09@yahoo.com, *retrocollectables* on Facebook retrocollect09 on Twitter
B-31~ Paul Buckley ~ Toys, Glass, Car Parts (Old), Clocks, Radios, Tins 443-904-7793
B-32 ~ Rosanne Gaffney
B-36 ~ Dinah Thompson
B-37 ~
B-38, 39 ~ Paul Olson, High end furniture.
B-40 ~
B-41~ MCA - Mouser’s Collectibles and Antiques. MCA Buys & Sells Militaria, Political, Advertising, Eye-Catching, Unique Items and Fine Furniture. Elenoir Mouser, 410-795-0455, whardcorps@aol.com
B-43 ~ Treasures From The Past ~ Wedgwood, carnival glass, silver, furniture, pictures/frames, jewelry. Becky Zimmerman, 410-917-5043, mzimmerm2@verizon.net
B-44 ~ See B39
B-45 ~  See B39
B-46 ~ See B47
B-47 ~ Sharon Green ~  Barbies, Hot Wheels, Snow babies, Hess trucks, Wades, Beanies, comic books, Fenton Glass, Longaberger Baskets, vintage glassware and much more. sagreen1@excite.com
B-48 ~ Deborah Miller ~ Shabby chic and a variety of vintage furniture.
B-49 ~ Trax on Wax
B-50 ~
B-51 ~ Thomas Doswell ~ Civil War relics, license plates, old lanterns. 301-385-9353
B-52 ~ See B51
B-54 ~ Sandra P. Powers ~ We carry a variety of collectibles. spowers146@comcast.net
B-55 ~ Tianna Graham
B-56, 57, 71, See Showcase SHC-22V, 23W, 24X, 25Y, 26Z, 27A ~ B & I Collectibles ~ 1,000’s of postcards, hand-colored photographs (many Wallace Nutting), stereo-view cards, holiday collectibles, Mr. Peanut/Fantasyland/Enchanted Forest/Aunt Jenima/CD Kenny items, advertising, dollhouse furniture, books, vintage irons. Bradley & Iva Martin, 410-374-6520, bimartin382@comcast.net
B-58 ~ Deanna Beal
B-59 ~  See B75
B-60 ~ See B64
B-61 ~ See B168
B-62 ~ See B64
B-63 ~ Records
B-64 , See Showcase SH-45S ~ Bargain Hunters Antiques and Collectibles ~ Offering a variety of collectibles including pressed and depression glass, cut crystal, figurines including Lladro, Royal Doulton, and Hummel, beer steins and decanters, dolls, pictures, lamps, musical and sports items. Sam Rozenel, 410-602-2901, kidshelpinghopkins@msn.com
B-66 ~ O’Tannenbaums ~ Vintage Christmas decorations for your tree and home. Also unusual antiques and collectibles. Ken Noto, o_tannenbaums@msn.com, www.iloveoldchristmas.com
B-67 ~ See B64
B-68 ~ NESAP Inc. ~ Small furniture, silver glass, small items.
B-69 ~ Mendy’s Baseball Memorabilia ~ Baseball memorabilia, autographed baseballs, bats & jerseys. Baseball game programs, media guides, yearbooks, and team memorabilia. Anthony Mendiola, 240-606-7069, mendys@mendys.com, www.mendys.com
B-72 ~ Holly Popkin
B-73 ~ Elizabeth Heard
B-74 ~
B-75 ~ Cynthia Livesay ~ Glassware, glasses, depression glass, milk bottles, Fiesta, cast iron stuff, Hall’s china, pitchers, pipes, tools, Fenton, quilts, sewing items, little bit of everything, tea pots.
443-744-0855, cinsuniqueantiques@aol.com
B-76 ~ Judy Ingram
B-77 ~ R&S Displays & Accessories ~ Everything for displays. Plate Hangers & Stands, Watch Domes, Display Domes, Bag & Tags and much more.
B-78~ Andy Wirth
B-79 ~ See B79
B-80 ~ See B81
B-81 ~ Snyder's Auction - Glassware, Jewelry, License Plates, Vintage Dolls, Vintage Clothes
B-82 ~ See B81
B-83 ~ Lorraine Davis
B-84 ~ Holy Smoke ~ Antiques & Collectibles. Religious, military, toys, advertising, furniture, instruments. Ronald Manzer,  manz914@aol.com
B-85 ~ David Miller
B-86 ~
B-87 ~ Debra Phillips
B-88 ~ Caroline Singh
B-89 ~ See B90
B-90 ~ Brights & Brown Antiques ~ Old tools, vintage industrial, mid-century home decor items, vintage electronics, clocks, watches, china & glass, “Granny Chic”. Will Pownell, 410-259-0838
B-93 ~ Julia Gonzalez ~ Glassware, furniture and art. 410-371-7718, gonzox6@comcast.net
B-94 ~ Kim Robinson ~ Wide variety unique collectables, toys, small furniture, pop culture, 1950’s & 1960’s,  Kim Robinson, 410-236-2711, kimrobinson21@msn.com
B-95 ~  See B145
B-96 ~ Tea Rose Antiques ~ Oak & Mahogany furniture, linens, china, glass, compacts, vanity accessories, jewelry, mirrors, pictures, needlework. Ted & Jerry Hartman, 410-566-0237, thmach@aol.com
B-97 ~
B-98 ~
B-100 ~
B-101 ~ W & W Antiques
B-102 ~ Dee Ditto ~ Jewelry, furniture, houseware, Coca-Cola. 443-789-2508, knditto@comcast.net
B-103 ~ KBS Antiques ~ Pottery, glassware, dishes, sterling items, vintage bags & jewelry, sterling jewelry, stemware, vintage kitchen items - Pyrex - mixing bowls pitchers & glasses, furniture - antique and some new items, holiday items, country primitive items. Karen & John Beal, 410-848-1266,  kbsoldandnew@aol.com
B-104 ~ Jim Smith ~ Man cave items.
B-105 ~  Homestead Forge ~ Hand-forged iron work & hand-crafted items. Antiques. Hand-carved wood/walking sticks.
Joseph C. Staup, HomesteadForge@msn.com
B-106 ~ See B47
B-107 ~ See B47
B-110 ~  See B116
B-112 ~ What’s Not To Like ~ Dishes, collectables, dolls vintage. Doreen Lynch, mdlynch120@yahoo.com
B-113 ~ Greenhill Collectibles ~ Variety of eclectic items ranging from vintage kitchenware to depression glass and china pieces.
Joy Black, 410-484-0440, joyblack@comcast.net
B-114 ~ Lupton’s Sports Collectibles ~  Best Autograph Merchandise in Town. Chris Lupton, 443-695-4118, Luptonsports@gmail.com, Luptonssports.com
B-115 ~ Ronald Hanson
B-116 ~ Dorothy Wilkerson - Housewares, clothing, paper collectibles, toys
B-123 ~ Lisa Johanson
B-141 ~
B-143 ~
B-145 ~ See B95
B-151 ~ See B47
B-163 ~ Deb Scaife ~ Vintage toys and jewelry
B-168 ~ Maryland Tack ~ Equestrian Country Living Home Decor: original art, vintage prints, jewelry and one-of-a-kind home furnishings. Unique handbags, belts, lamps, rugs, quilts, ceramics, and all manner of rustic chic collectibles. Diane & Ron, 410-781-7479, marylandtack@mindspring.com, mdtack.com
B-182 ~

SH-3C ~ Donna’s Treasures of Joy ~ Vintage household items, collectables, toys, coins and jewelry. donnamillman@gmail.com
SH-4D ~ William Strack ~ US coins and currency. 443-498-3062
SH-5E ~
SH-6F ~  Granny Cranny’s ~  Collection of Teapots, Fiesta - old & post 86. Pottery, Cookie Jars, Tea Cups, Hall China, Head Vases, Small Toys, Ashtrays, and glassware/dishes. Thomas Krupa, 301-572-5999, indusred@msn.com
SH-7G ~
SH-8H ~ See SH-4D
SH- 9I ~ PTA Coins ~ Coins, Currency, Model Cars & Planes, and general collectibles. Philip Smith, 410-239-3612
SH-11K ~
SH-12L ~ Sports & Stuff ~ Sports memorabilia, vintage clothes, jewelry, etc.
SH-13M ~ See B-28
SH-14N ~ Lost in Time ~ Buy & Sell Militaria from Civil War through Vietnam. Old police and political memorabilia, and vintage collectibles, Smalls. Jules A. Denitto, 410-795-9028,  jdeni10715@aol.com
SH-15O ~
SH-16P ~ Vin-Mer Antiques ~ Art deco tea, coffee, clocks, pottery, jewelry purses, Matchbox toys, novelty & deco smoking items, Deco & industrial design table top lamps. Specializing in 1920-1950. Vince Lupo, vlupo@directiononeinc.com
SH-17Q ~ Enchanted Attic  - Mary Elizabeth Burns
SH-18R ~ John Davis ~ Glass, Jewelry, Dolls. 667-367-3967.
SH-19S~ Abbey Stevens
SH-20T ~ Monumental Holdings, LLC ~ Americana, pop culture collectibles, comics, Civil War artifacts, and political memorabilia. Tom Gordon, monumentalhold@gmail.com
SH-21U ~ See SH4D
SH-22V, 23W, 24X, 25Y, 26Z, 27A, 31E, 33F, 33G, 42P,
See also Booth B-56 , 57, 71 B & I Collectibles ~ Postcards, Advertising, Mr. Peanut, Aunt Jemima, Trade Cards, vintage Paper, Stereoviews, Handcolored Photos, Dolls, Toys, Vintage Irons, Bottles, Books, Holiday Decorations. Bradley & Iva Martin, 410-374-6520
SH-28B ~ Strange Collectibles - Minerals, fossils, camera, military. Anthony Maranto, 410-596-4249, dr.anthony.maranto@outlook.com
SH-29C ~ Brian Van Pelt ~ Hobo art.
SH-30D ~
SH-31E ~ Suzanne Vallery ~ Assorted collectibles including dollhouse miniatures, dolls, postcards, ephemera, etc. Suzanne Vallery, svallery@comcast.net
SH-32F ~ See SH36J
SH-33G ~
SH-34H ~ Twin Oak Coins ~ Coins, Bullion, Small Collectibles. Mark Miller, 410-861-7163, MM883@Juno.com.
SH-35I ~ Todd Caple ~  Sports Memorabilia, Glassware, Coin & Tokens. todd.caple@gmail.com
SH-36J ~
SH-37K ~ John Gurick ~ Little bit of everything
SH-38L ~ See SH36J
SH-40N ~
SH-41O ~ See B47
SH-42P ~ See SH19S
SH-43Q ~ Mother, Pin A Rose On Me ~ Mid-Century, Costume Jewelry, Artwork, Glassware. Lynn Helmstetter, 410-259-0838, motherpinarose@gmail.com
SH-46T ~ Display Cases for Coins, Collectibles & More.
SH-47U ~ Dave Brown Jr.-  Vintage toys, cards, advertising, automobilia. 410-812-3507, brownmotorsports@comcast.net
SH-48V ~ Paul Buckley ~ Toys, glass, car parts (old), clocks, radios, tins. 443-904-7793
SH-50X ~ Sew Lab USA ~ Vintage cameras, watches, housewares, and jewelry. Jeremiah Jones, 410-371-7929, info@sewlabusa.com
SH-51Y ~ George Jerry Wallace ~ Harley Davidson accessories.
SH-52Z ~  Family Memoirs By Rena ~ Baseball Memorabilia. Rena and Dale Rhodes, 443-277-1363
SH-551 ~ Junk in the Trunk ~ Victorian  Vintage antiques and interesting collectibles and household items all priced to sell. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Look here for your’s! Donna Headley, 443-375-2240, donnah445@gmail.com
SH-555 ~ Donna’s Treasures of Joy ~ Vintage household items, collectables, toys, coins and jewelry. donnamillman@gmail.com

W-227 ~ See B-64
W-234 ~ Paul DeRemigis Jr. Pen & Ink
W-240 ~ Glen Arm Rail Photo  ~ Framed black & white photographic prints of historical, railroad, Baltimore, Maryland, nautical subjects. Ernest L. Roberts, Jr
BK-A ~ See SH-35I
BK-B ~ Susan Russell ~ Glassware, Household Items, Knick-knacks. 410-218-6955, sue.russell0307@gmail.com
BK-C ~ John Wagner ~ Civil war and other military history books, militaria.
BK-D ~ Bo's Cool Stuff ~ Vintage Toys 60's-80s. James Vicendese, 410-349-6803.
BK-F ~ Darlene Reave
BK-G ~ Karen Lyons
BK-H ~ David Hanson
BK-I ~ Carole Henderson ~ Dolls, Music Boxes, Variety China. 410-597-8944, caroleanddon@verizon.net
BK-J ~ Frank Phillips ~ Glassware, toys and collectibles, housewares, sports memorabilia, lamps, pictures, books, etc.
BK-K~ See BK-H
BK-L ~ Brian Wood ~ Smurfs & glassware & misc. sports memorabilia & vintage books. truebwood@yahoo.com
BK-M ~ See BKR
BK-N ~ Ruthy's Antiques ~ China, Seasonal Pieces. Ruth Palguta, 443-671-6598.
BK-O ~ Alan Summer
BK-P ~ R & B Treasures ~ Old tools, jars, glasswares, cookie jars, Brenda Jolly, 410-795-6732, brendacjolly@hotmail.com
BK-Q ~ See BK-P
BK-R ~ Robert Platt ~ Toys, Paper, Glass. 717-729-4496, nlosonsky@hotmail.com.
BK-S ~
BK-T ~ Baseball, football cards, toy trucks, banks, sports related items. Christmas; seasonal items. Henry G. Black, 443-375-0221 
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